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Scroll Compressor ZR19M3E-TWD-551

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22 / 01 / 2024
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Detail Scroll Compressor ZR19M3E-TWD-551

Kompresor AC
Model : ZR19M3E-TWD-551
HCFC, R-22, 50 Hz, 3 – Phase, 380/420 V
Nominal Power : 15 HP
Suction Size (in),Type: 2 1 / 4 Rotalock
Discharge Size (in),Type: 1 3 / 4 Rotalock
Initial Oil Charge (oz): 140
Oil Recharge (oz): 137
Oil Type: 3MA
Net Weight (lbs): 236.0
LRA High* (Amps): 198
LRA Low*(Amps): 179
MCC (Amps): 45
Max Operating Current (Amps): 32.0
RLA, MCC/1.4(use for contactor selection)(Amps): 32.1
RLA, MCC/1.56(use for breaker & wire size selection)(Amps): 28.8
Features Copeland Scroll Compressor ZR19M3E-TWD-551
Copeland Scroll™ axial and radial compliance for superior reliability and efficiency
Wide scroll line-up in R22, R407C and R134a
Low TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact)
Low sound and vibration level
Low oil circulation rate
Copeland® qualified tandem and trio configurations for
superior seasonal efficiency (ESEER)
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ZR Scroll Compressor Series
Copeland Scroll ZR compressors for R22, R407C & R134a is the broadest range on the market for air conditioning and process cooling applications. Used in the air conditioning industry for water chillers, roof-tops and close control unit applications.

Tandem or Trio ZR19M3E TWD 551

Scroll compressors are now the most used compression technology replacing reciprocating or screw compressors due to its undeniable superiority. Several, fully qualified, multiple compressor assemblies (tandem and trio) allow the use of Copeland Scroll™ into large capacity systems replacing, for example, screw compressors for air cooled chillers up to 500kW to deliver higher system Seasonal Efficiency (ESEER).
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