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Siam (Mitsubishi) Rotary RE277VHSMT

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05 / 07 / 2023
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Detail Siam (Mitsubishi) Rotary RE277VHSMT

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Siam (Mitsubishi) Rotary RE277VHSMT
Under Mitsubishi Electric Technology, SCI rotary compressors have a smoothly operating system, with a great performance and durability even in a tough environment zone, suitably match for variety of applications such as air-conditioning, heat pump, refrigerating showcase and ice making machine.

Efficiency: SCI has developed and designed full line-up range of superior performance compressorto serve variety of applications. This is because of SCI R&D technology advancement, modernized production processand high- graded material selection.
Alternative Refrigerant: Since SCI pays high respect to the nature and environment, SCI has developed new compressors for environmental friendly refrigerants, R-410A, R-32 and R-290 which all have low GWP and ODP rate to make sustainable world
Reliability: SCI state-of-the-art facilities, with automatic line control and customized production technique, lead to very low defective rate and reliable product with less deviation performance. Quality control process of SCI including robot and experienced staff always assure every compressor in every production process before reaching the customers. This is a reason why Mitsubishi Electric stands for a high quality brand for more than 90 years.
Durability: SCI rotary compressors are verified by a life testing by SCI Research and Development Center that can guarantee great long term operation.
Product Variety: SCI rotary compressors are designed to customize to match different needs in each conditions of different applications such as refrigerants, operating temperature sizing, electrical supply and other special requirements.
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